To The Moon

by John Kearsley Mitchell

John Kearsley Mitchell

Thou bright, beDignant planet, oft the theme
Of Poet's nambers, and of loyer's dream;
Wonder of infant eyes, whose new-bom gaze
Dwells on thy glittering orb in sweet amaze;
And, though thy beams the playful boy delight.
Both age and manhood love a moon-lit night.
O Moon ! how blest appears thy enyied lot.
Hung far above this care-soilM, dusty spot.
In planet-gilded skies, serenely bright.
Regent of peace, and queen of tranquil night !
Th' observ'd of all, who does not love
Thy smile in city, field, or grove
Can aught surpass thy slender bow,
Its steely horns, its crystal glow

Last updated June 27, 2019