Das Valkyrie

She road a horse on thru the sky
and all around the warriors cry
das Valkyrie!
das Valkyrie!
takes the dead
from battle field

Der Valkyrie es beauty fair
Das wind does’t blow
thru flowing hair
das Valkyrie
das Valkyrie
A shield is by your side

En unt des day
in bloody war
das Valkyrie comes thru the moor
das Valkyrie
das Valkerie
Valhalah is your place

Unt none can run
Unt none can hide
from Valkyrie
come from der sky
das Valkyrie
das Valkyrie
your sword cannot be stayed

Das ravens fly
around your face
your sword does’t swing
in Odin’s grace
das Valkyrie
das Valkyrie
you choose amongst the dead

And warriors soon to Odin’s side
das Valkyrie take for that ride
to sit Valhalla
to fight once more
at Ragnarok
the final score

Oh Valkyrie
Oh Valkyrie
Ein seig you coming on


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Jon H. Gutmacher resumed writing poetry in 2009 after a writing absence of almost thirty years. He previously wrote a featured poetry column for the Ojus Sun back in the 70's, and stopped upon starting law school. He is currently a criminal trial attorney in Florida specializing in weapon and self defense cases, has a very popular book on Florida and Federal firearm laws, and his own fantasy poetry website. He believes every poem should tell a complete story, and while not all of his poems are fantasy -- fantasy is his favorite subject. He often writes in allegory -- the fantasy representing current news events and situations, but in a fantasy background. Website: http://www.fantasypoetrybyjongutmacher.com

Last updated January 05, 2012