Abyss and Stigmata

by Joseph Armstead

The sound of birds
nervous feather music,
in a thorny bush,
under a cloud-choked sky,
reminded me
of the dark places in the hidden
heart of the world,
where passionless mysteries,
ageless and deep,
paint shadows
on the wet subconscious
of the sleeping masses,
hive-mind artifacts
in mobile flesh suits.

This is a.................This is cold............Dying for...........
dark tomorrow.......rain held aloft.......my sins, singing.....

The Song of Wings rapidly beating
molasses air stirs memory.
How like a sleeping
wakened too soon;
the penny offered for my thoughts
is scarred, two-faced, and
under the shadow of a stone crucifix,
atop a crumbling church
with no congregation,
I feel the nicks and dents
decorating the dirty metal surface.

I never knew
that I would
in hot spurts
to the beats
of a blind

The 45 Apocrypha

Joseph Armstead is a suspense-thriller author, poet and computer technologist. He has authored nine novels and over two dozen short stories and been published in a dozen magazines and online journals. Really. And he writes poetry because there are some things that cannot be quantified within the framework of a plot-driven narrative. He writes poetry because he loves words and language. Sometimes he writes verse because he has trouble sleeping, but at other times it is because he has seen some image, some visual, that has sparked a dream of drama in his mind's eye. Mr. Armstead's subscription for behavior medication should probably be stronger than what it is.

Last updated August 25, 2011