Dusk, This Willow That Wept

by Joseph Armstead

There is a moment in my day
when Time holds its breath...

Sitting outside,
on the porch,
watching daylight
into slow nightfall,
feeling the heat
begin to cool,
feeling my thoughts
on the incoming tide
of evening silence,
I see the willow
at the end of the driveway,
tall, thick, ancient and
draping a canopy of
vine-covered leaves
over the winding,
graveled path
to this house,
this home,
this refuge,
And it's bulky
curtain of foliage
sways with the breeze,
the setting sun,
making the light
streaming from the eye
of the solar system
blink, again and again.

I know this moment well.
Blink. Breathe.
The clock ticks on
into the night.

The 45 Apocrypha

Joseph Armstead is a suspense-thriller author, poet and computer technologist. He has authored nine novels and over two dozen short stories and been published in a dozen magazines and online journals. Really. And he writes poetry because there are some things that cannot be quantified within the framework of a plot-driven narrative. He writes poetry because he loves words and language. Sometimes he writes verse because he has trouble sleeping, but at other times it is because he has seen some image, some visual, that has sparked a dream of drama in his mind's eye. Mr. Armstead's subscription for behavior medication should probably be stronger than what it is.

Last updated August 26, 2011