by Joseph Armstead

My Fear is a
that defines me
and shapes my

I knew it would be a good year for fog
which, like dark wine, ages and mellows
and comes into the fullness of its flavor.

The old man sees           Newspaper headlines
the music of regret         speak in ancient tongues

             We all journey in mystery
             tapping white canes in the dark
             corridors of passing Time

A flying arrow's head of geese
seek refuge from a wintry
while satellites orbit the globe
stripping away the carnival
of all that we want hidden,
telescopic viewfinders narrowing
our focus, piercing the Veil
like laser ice-picks stabbing
through tissue paper.
                I feel the disease
                throughout my cells
                and the Fear sings,
                becoming ascendant

The fog flowed spectrally through
the cracked window of my open yawn
and I could taste
the fleeing mind of a spider
stalking its invisible web.

Questions and fear,
disease and
Mystery steals
my wings.

Autumn Leaves

Joseph Armstead is a suspense-thriller author, poet and computer technologist. He has authored nine novels and over two dozen short stories and been published in a dozen magazines and online journals. Really. And he writes poetry because there are some things that cannot be quantified within the framework of a plot-driven narrative. He writes poetry because he loves words and language. Sometimes he writes verse because he has trouble sleeping, but at other times it is because he has seen some image, some visual, that has sparked a dream of drama in his mind's eye. Mr. Armstead's subscription for behavior medication should probably be stronger than what it is.

Last updated August 23, 2012