The Mask...

by Katie Ector

Strangers on the street stare at you in awe
thinking to themselves that girl's got everything;
even the people closest to you are blind,
blind to the storm brewing in your mind.

Your best friend says your pretty without makeup.
Your boyfriend agrees and says your gorgeous;
but what's the use if all you see in the mirror
is the face of your past staring back at you.

You can't bare to look in the mirror too long
cuz the face you see is full of hurt and grief.
You use makeup as a mask to hide the pain
cuz sometimes what's inside is more toxic than poison.

You put on your concealer to hide the lack of sleep,
put on blush to fake a healthy flush,
then add eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes sparkle;
creating the mask which hides your real feelings safe inside.

For now the mask will stay in its place
while you work on trying to accept your past.
Soon enough you'll start taking apart the shield
and then let people in and start living again.

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Loves to just sit outside in the sun while listening to music and writing.

Last updated May 08, 2018