by Len Capuano

Imagine being told your home was no more
Hearing your father was a prisoner of war
Imagine living in cellars as bombs fell from the skies
Seeing atrocities by solders with terrified eyes
Imagine being forced to walk for miles and miles
Always frightened and dirty without any smiles
Imagine living with torn clothes and no food to chew
Praying friendly forces will come to your rescue
Imagine surviving WWII with tears in her eyes
Hating her own solders while admiring those GI’s
Imagine her as a model for dresses and lingerie
Her looks and perfect six was a hit on the runway
Imagine how she met a young man on a blind date
Fell in love told her mother he was her soul mate
Imagine how she married and settled in the U.S.A.
Learned English, had kids, was a manager by day
Imagine saving for her grandchildren’s college
Wanting them to have enough knowledge
Imagine living in retirement with cats inside and out
Brushing each daily, feeding them like a cookout
Imagine caring for an invalid and speechless husband
Feeding and washing him then holding his hand
Imagine having time to help neighbors who are without
Remember how she suffered and became a standout

Len Capuano,

Retired pharmaceutical executive. Active in an age restricted community. Five grandchildren. Enjoys writing rhyming poems.

Last updated March 02, 2012