In my mind rambles
ideas which seek to unscramble
to grant me clear consistency
but the more I try to wrangle
ideas about Physics and Religion
the more they metamorphosize
into same and similar.

The more I learn about anything
the less I know about the whole
of any and all disciplines;
so I succumb to debates about
crossing T''s and I''s
while forgetting my alphabet.

For example, if I take my own name
and examine it minutely,
space and letter
nano-space by nano-space
I cannot ever
see a whole word or letter.

Therefore, I come away nameless and confused.

So if I wish to learn the whole
of any disciple or subject-area

best not to get too smart about
the spaces between the alphabetical letters..

Yet, and this my conundrum, no letter
ever makes sense
unless there are spaces between Alpha and Omega.
So, too, music is a relationship between the sound and silences-
too much sound or silence is ultimately just noise and incomprehensible.
So in my mind rambles all these inconsistencies-
what about yours?
So we have the letters of an alphabet, and the spaces in between the letters
which are necessary to understand the words they form combining as they do with these empty spaces in between, much like silence and sound form musical meanings.
From this relationship we form the words and ultimately sentences, but note sentences alone do not form coherent paragraphs or pages for that matter ultimately a book.
So what is the moral here?
Pay attention to the background as well as the foreground, the seen and unseen since only from these relationships can we glean, true meaning; so we now come full circle, my physics focuses on the foreground and the seen, and religion stresses the background and the unseen, and both must be understood if we are to glean from this life any true meaning.

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MBA, poet, short-stories and story poem. Completed over 7 books and 600 works., I came to the written word at an early age and my passion is to bring ideas, emotions and observations alive on the written page.

Last updated August 08, 2011