by Luther Seahand

This glorious time of year
grace is in bloom, divine
supple spindles gleam
by golden beam
waltz, waltz June fairies
from dandelion to lofty pine.

Off on a stroll above meadows
scented wisps, a tryst, oh my
sandalwood, sweet
fair mulberry treat
swoon, swoon ethereal swans
into the mild, evening light, of July.

Stirring for summer's farewell
frail wonders, tulips, up high
butterflies pair
with delicate flair
steady, steady August delights
primroses await your slumbering sigh.

Luther L. Seahand

Luther Saeahand's picture

American Poet ~ Luther Lynton Seahand, an incurable romantic, penned his first poem at the age of fourteen titled Time After Time. His junior high-school teacher, Mr. Grimes, was intrigued and asked if he had actually written the poem. Turned out, he was thinking aloud. Mr. Grimes glowingly praised Luther before he could answer. A rare gift for rhyme had splendidly blossomed. Today, Luther Seahand the writer continues to weave from a delicate and insightful pen airy, ennobling works of formal poetry and contemporary prose imbued with lovely and sometimes haunting imagery that nearly casts a spell on his readers. His remarkable ability to capture the essence of the human condition and our relationship with nature is profoundly reaffirming.

Last updated July 06, 2015