Sheep of the Big Horn

by Nadyne D. Claire

Come. Go with me
don't worry
I know where
I'm going
Surely sure-footed
tall and strong
for the heights
Climb high with me
see over the rim
I live in the heights
come go with me
there are places unknown
Never seen, never shown
terrain so steep
No feet can keep

Take in the air
cold crisp
fresh and clean
Wind winding where
ever you step
ever you go
Here - there is a life to be
privileged to know
Come. Go with me.
to a higher ground

Born in Chicago, raised in Illinois - moved to California with 3 little children and one on the way in 1968. Living as a happy enough Senior in Southern California as the result of a full and busy life. Writing of all kinds has been a favored hobby.

Last updated April 27, 2015