Here I would have loved you

On sands evening slips
And silver wings paint a sapphire sky.
Anchored in the spring of love, memories
Taste as salt and show its eaten edges.

Here and another now
You were the song of the sea sung by the shells
And the wind in my dress.
Here and another now,
The dark of the abyss.
Here and another now,
Loneliness and cold.

Barefoot, my eyes walk down the beach
And plant a flag of love in each place
As if I had written the inteligible phrase:
Here I would have loved you if you had not gone.

As I had in my hands the tip of your fingers
And the chalice of your mouth to drink my wine.
Far from the shipwreck of eclesiastic effort,
I have yet many things to share with you!

Here I would have loved you in all the ineditated ways
Wich mock the delirium and dreams.
Alloy as the bronze of the sun burning
Until filling the night with bright suspention points.

Luz del Alba Nicola

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Born in Uruguay, 1964. Known as a spanish poet and a writter of short stories. Published the following books of poetry: "Beyond dreams", "Sleepless nights" and "The mouth of the winds".

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