I did not want to stop you

The solutude of the forest reminds me of your abscence.
A trunk among the flames smokes in spirals
as when you followed the dark gulls
by paths that time arrowed with wings.

I did not want to stop you, nor the smoke,
neither the painful song of the crickets.
My hand, as a fan, stirred in sadness
like the sun when goes hasty through the pines.

Here my love had a dwelling for you
humble as a beach, warm as a cocoon.
there it was where we knead the bread of days
and at evening, my lips were just yours.

I did not want to stop you neither you wanted to leave me.
Capricious fate that transform us into hard.
Although the distance decreases the forms,
so you have kept me: standing as pride.

You did not want to leave me nor I wanted to stop you.
Like an autumn cloud I saw you leaving aimlessly.
Crackled your goodbye as in these fires
cracke my memories and then turn up in smoke.

Luz del Alba Nicola

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Born in Uruguay, 1964. Known as a spanish poet and a writter of short stories. Published the following books of poetry: "Beyond dreams", "Sleepless nights" and "The mouth of the winds".

Last updated October 04, 2016