by Mark Miller

Trapped behind doors closed perception I course through dreams of fear -

Sorrow lay waste in closets clothed calculation clones pains past

Killing vociferous cry's scattered round brains demon cobweb venial veer

Starring oh ghost within me as witness leaves inner history's storage of past lies

Remnants left lives dreary shade of times sublime feelings lay gravely

Visions placed disconnected time carries secret wish belonging to unknown sigh

Mountain of pain he ascents point of entry's battle echoes pound incessant,

Pledging no security poverty's will cognizant mind decimates shells illusions-

Games world play sent sentient denizen devoured life's forsaken reliance

Traitors shrine remains alive resides beside unborn mannequins reduced posture-

Behind mines wall of sleep I climb across thorns thin veil silence in solitude,

Subject hides objects alone grief stricken forlorn boys pain peaks anew beings truth-

Mark Miller

Last updated October 04, 2016