by Sara Herlihy

As dawn breaks and my body stirs,
my mind struggles to stay wrapped in your embrace.
Warm breath tickles my face as soft lips caress it.
Love and yearning penetrate my deepest layers.
I never want to leave.
A thousand years could pass but a minute would not be missed
As long as I stay here. Inside your arms.
Another kiss. Just one more.
And once again I become lost in your eyes.
I melt into you, and wish the world away.
My skin comes to life at your touch.
Every single inch of me falters with your embrace.
Just one more minute.
Please God, grant me one more second!
Sun streaks the bedroom as consciousness wakes my soul to a warm, sun-filled day of darkness.
Where I can no longer feel your touch.
I grasp at the wisps of sleep and fight the light of day..
Your lingering touch grows lighter.
Fingertips a whisper of the ghost that is my soul.
Don't go.
Please don't go.
I gasp.
And with eyes wide open I awake- alone.

35 years old and still figuring out life. Please, be my guest on this wonderful adventure. Contact me through for feedback or anything you feel the need to say. Remember- you have but one choice and one chance.....

Last updated December 31, 2014