As if

by Sara Herlihy

Like a cloud
Floating through a clear blue sky waiting...
Just waiting...
Until I evaporate and disappear.
As if I never was.
As if I didn't impact the millions of eyes who saw my magnificent beauty grace their souls.
As if I never was.
I KNOW I was for a moment.
As I floated, changed shape.. with millions of children comparing me to their favorite toys.. favorite places...
favorite animals...
favorite people...
because as I float by and disappear from your sight I have embodied every single one of these things in my weightless being.
And I know I WAS.
I was something.
I touched many lives and
I will be remembered.

35 years old and still figuring out life. Please, be my guest on this wonderful adventure. Contact me through for feedback or anything you feel the need to say. Remember- you have but one choice and one chance.....

Last updated December 31, 2014