Important thing's in life

There are many important thing's in a man's life, a home, a job, kid's and a wife the animals the car yes the bill's and due no one know what our minds go through. We make many plans and set our goals but it all seem's to find whole, as i said once before the one's you love and adore, Will always be there to keep you strong the loving words from the wife when your feeling down the patter of little feet running around the little cry's and cooing sound's as you all grow time's will change but the love you have for your wife and kid's will be the same, the baby grow they start to walk next thing you know they can talk day's go by which turns into years before you know it's all new fears, the babys have gone and grew up acting as they know what's up times have changed since we were all kids and remembering the silly thing's we did, we sit'em down we teel'em straight your little girl claims to have a date as you know what teenagers do begans a whole nother stress level for the both of you. Wouldn't you know after the talking and lectures after a year or two you hear the words i do. They have all grew up and out on there own and you and your wife are all alone as be for but in this poem you still have them both to adore as they grow you love them more n more then the day they walk through your door with someone else to adore.

Martin Smith

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hi my name is martin i love to write poetry. i hope one of these days that my poetry is read by many. All of my poetry comes from my heart and it takes alot of inspriation to write my poems. my poems are based off of several inspriations, and when intriged by an inspriation its an overwhelming feeling that i know i must put on paper at once. a my mind becomes a super highway of words to be putting into my poems.

Last updated March 04, 2013