Cult Bait

by Melissa Broder

Melissa Broder

Xmas I am pissed when the priest
makes an ugly map of my pretty
death. I say Zip it foolio.
I haven't even chosen a burial yet.
Will there be pine, fire, jars?
I am an incense Catholic
I enjoy smoke and the abyss.
I do not wish to decode a forest
or how holy it is when the soma
evaporates from a cinema.
Do you comprehend
the vacancy expressed herein?
I will only enter your cult
if it shuts me up completely.
Nobody nobody nobody.
I learned my first prayer
in a room filled with gauze.
The room was luxurious
but it reeked of skin. The teacher
had a skull. The prayer had an end.

Last updated April 03, 2023