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Melissa Broder is an American poet and writer. Of Jewish origin, she graduated in English from Tufts University where she edits the literary magazine Queen's Head and Artichoke. After her studies, she moved to San Francisco, then to New York. She worked as a public relations officer for the publishing house Penguin Books and took evening classes at the City College of New York, where she obtained an MFA in poetry. When Melissa was working in publishing in New York, she went through a period of angst and depression. She tried all the traditional remedies - psychotherapy, medication - nothing worked. In 2012, she created an anonymous Twitter account, which she called So Sad Today, and began to tweet one hundred and forty signs. They were letters sent in a vacuum, which quickly found an audience. In a few years, she became a star of social networks. Her honesty resonates, first among many teenagers, prone to melancholy, then among superstars like Miley Cyrus, Frances Bean Cobain or Katy Perry.
In 2016, Melissa published a collection of chronichles, So Sad Today, titled after her Twitter account. Melissa Broder has published four books of poetry (2010-2016). In 2017, she won the Pushcart Prize for her poem Forgotten Sound, from the collection Last Sext (2016). Her 2018 novel The Pisces was critically acclaimed.
Melissa Broder has lived in Los Angeles since 2014.

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