by Melissa Broder

Melissa Broder

The altar boys want me
Swooning drunk
They say If you feel like nonsense
Get nonsenser
If you feel bananas
Make a sundae already

Oh I do
I want holiness to meet me halfway
Meet me easy
Like a tugboat on glitter water
Hotel music
Ultra gloss

So easy to fall in the water
How easy these altar boys come on
Bodies of soap
With pinwheel erections
They eat hamburgers effortlessly
Only some have hips

It is movie night
In their church in America
A crucifixion movie
No a movie about love
They offer me megaCokes
With rum

Rum will make the movie
More romantic
I cannot say
I am undrunk
How I got to be undrunk
Not here

Is going to get crucified here
The whole church is beeping
Glitter water glitter rum
Even my nail polish

Last updated April 03, 2023