The Epic Menageries

by MB Moshe

Clouds shape less pleasing,
They’re darkness eclipses
Heaven’s holes to mock the sun;
And the sky gives feeling
Like the world’s going to change
For better or worse;

Their values remain written,
Encrypted in clouds too
Baggy to keep rain;
Choices thunder like hoofs
That beat to sixteen counts
As you listen hard;

So you watch them leave drops
Of rain bits in hazy skies;
While you wait for the
Apocalypse and forget
The world promised to change
For better or naught;

And then you prayed,
And soon you knelt,
When it rained hard and
God then played cards that
They all were dealt;

You went at it again
And kept pounding the waves,
You laughed at the winds
And the trees that fell
As you tried to be brave;

Clouds shape pleasing, they
Drift existentially;
Past eyes held open
Wide for pies and horse’s hoofs
That prick the sky so that
You’ll question your worth.

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I acquired a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Minnesota- Duluth in 1989. My degree is in English with an emphasis on writing. Since then I have been writing fiction, poetry and non-fiction on my own.. In 1998 my short- story “The Den of Antiquities” was published in The Unicorn Reader, a small publication out of Canada. I wrote a side piece for an article featured in the Canadian magazine “Abilities.” In 2006 the Loft Press published my book Would God Move a Ping-pong Table? A cumulative Analysis of Faith and Religion. The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis provides me with opportunities to grow as a writer. I participate in a writer’s group at the Loft and was chosen out of 78 fiction writers as a finalist in their 2011-2012 mentor series program. In 2013 I published The Orthodoxy of Arrogance under the pen name MB Moshe. In April a book of MB Moshe’s poems were published in Scenes the Writer Shows

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