Eucalyptus Grove, morning

by Neal Dachstadter

Eucalyptus Grove, morning

Quiet Eucalyptus Grove
In the shallows
Of the cove
Root and trunk and branches wove
‘Mid a muddy treasure trove.

Well - appointed campus lake;
Wealthy waters, rich to slake
Duck and egret, fish and snake.
Silent Eucalyptus brake!

Peaceful while thy land was French
Peaceful while I manned my bench
Content ye graze and ever quench
Content we gaze and never flinch.


Neal Dachstadter was born in Georgia not too distant from his family’s Hereford and Angus farm. He lived in Albany, Texas and Reno, Nevada before deploying as a Chaplain to Hawijah with the Oregon, Idaho and Montana National Guard in 2005. After deployment he wrote full-time for 2 years on Lookout Mountain. He then served as an Archivist, Chaplain and Teacher for Delta Kappa Epsilon in Ann Arbor for several years after. Currently House Dad of the Louisiana State Chapter of DKE. On the composite, he’s been termed House Philosopher for 5 years., He’s printed in Littlehampton, United Kingdom (Decanto Poetry) and Woodinville, Washington (Included in Western Viewpoints, Book)…”, Poems for Guys Who Don’t Like Poems.

Last updated October 20, 2014