The Drum

I traveled over land and seas,
until I came to laughter’s home.
I met a woman heavy with child,
‘you are heavy with child too,’ stated the woman.
‘Yes,’ said I. ‘Heavy with sound.’
I shared my sound, she bore a bouncing baby.

I traveled over land and seas,
Until I came to music’s home.
I met a village singer.
‘you must be the bringer of rhythm,’ stated the singer.
‘yes,’ said I. I bring you beats and music notes,
I shared my beats, the music had rhythm.

I traveled over land and seas,
Until I came to a children’s game,
the leader posing tricky riddles,
‘it talks, it sings and cheers but has no mouth.’
‘the drum, ‘ answered the children in unison.
I enjoyed my moment in the sun.

I traveled over land and seas,
Until I came before an old woman,
Wisdom marks in her beaming countenance,
She prepared a place for me next to her.
‘this is for you, oh! Messenger’ said she to me.

I traveled over land and seas,
Until I came to a ritual ceremony,
invited amidst ululation,
I showed them the drum beat,
I showed them how it brings harmony.


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Tom Mukasa is a recipient of the Anne Frank Human Rights Award. He lives in San Francisco, California USA, enjoys country-walks, volunteers with social development organizations. He has a passion for working in the laboratory and with teams working towards the cure of HIV. He is the co-founder of the Global Social Justice Action Against Xenophobia (JAXp). He is a blogger but also finds time to write poem-stories using the traditional Buganda style rendered in English. Many more of his poems are on: Enjoy reading them but do not forget to share a remark as well as following him. Thank you, you are lovely!

Last updated July 14, 2015