The Red Earth of Kupungarri

by Nicole M Nugent

The Red Earth of Kupungarri.

Red earth of Kupungarri, a nurse arrives in a hurry
Far from hustle and bustle, at night the Australian bustard rustle
A cockatoo screech, close distance to the Brahman preach
Above Manning Gorge eagles soar, not far from your door
A pair of black necked storks walk, overhead the crows talk.

Dry river bed sand, take hold the power of the land
Abundant life alive, with the spirit of Wandjina they strive
Sun beats down on the red, take care where you tread
A water oasis and rain yet to breach, hidden palms and a white beach
A tango with chance, a rhythm to make you dance

A matter of trust, will surely settle the dust
Under the boab trees, you’ll find answers in the breeze
Working the earth, developing a thirst
Until the next monsoonal rain, treating the pain
With the sunset alight, but be sure nothing will bite.

Time limits to build a fence, worth more than a few pence
As the cattle roam and raid your garden home
Close the gate or you’ll be shooing them quite late
Hunting tradition lingers at the tip of their fingers
Peace to unfold as nature takes hold.

Saint Mary Jane at Gibb River Station, part of a standing nation
Flying doctors to help the day, in a place we can only pray
Exhilarating Gibb river road, to lighten the driving load
Good spirits take care for Biddy Rose, in the direction the wind blows
Rock pools of a sacred place, a deeper richness to the indigenous face

The babblers gather in the back yard, what a façade
Nearby the Double-Barred finch, they will disappear if you flinch
A yellow spotted monitor climbs, and will turn on a dime
A big colourful centipede will make you quickly recede
Together they play a tune, and it is hard to leave too soon

Mt Barnett roadhouse travellers pass through, planning what next to do
Community come together to get their dishing, before they go fishing
Hoping a turtle and fish to eat, what a deserving treat
Land rich in story and legend, rocks of fire they defend
Amongst the red earth of Kupungarri, together we tend.

Poetry written by Nicole Nugent written during her Nursing post
Kupungarri Community / Mt Barnett - Kimberely Western Australia Sept 2010

Nicole M Nugent

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My poetry has developed over the years and inspired by love, relationships won and lost and by seeking a deeper understanding of life.

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