Cambodian Flower

by Norma Martiri

Falling petals brush her face
Fantasies fill time and space.
Mae’s soft kisses touch her cheeks
A kind whisper quietly speaks.
Desperation tugs and bays
Darkness fills the longest days.
Sweaty faces, frenzied hands
Sunny beaches, waves and sands.
Dirty kisses lick her neck
Torture keeps rebels in check.
Favourite games with her best friends
Heavy breathing, soon it ends.
Lotuses float overhead
How she wishes she were dead.

Norma Martiri's picture

Norma Martiri lives and works in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and youngest daughter. She is an emerging writer and brings her life experiences to the written word. Norma loves nature and the simple things in life, and this is reflected in her poetry.

Last updated June 16, 2011