Drowning. Not Waving

by P.J.Reed

Weeping in a moaning wind,
The willow waves goodbye.
Rustling leaves, caressing
The shivering grass.

Startled, shrieking
Circling flocks of flapping
Blackness, wheel and fly.
They will not sing for me.

Rogue branches stir the waters,
Heavy laden droplets crash
Deafen my ears, Ripples run
Fleeing from my gaze.

You tried to run away from me,
The footfalls in crushed grasses
Betray your final gasp
As floating in the waters
Your face slips from my grasp.

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P.J.Reed is a writer and dark romantic poet. She has been published in numerous anthologies and collections. She specialises in speculative fiction, writing mainly Dark Romantic and Gothic Horror poetry. Her work is featured in many anthologies and essay writing guides. Her first collection of work is entitled "The Wicked Come" and available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

Last updated April 30, 2015