God As Love

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

And He, the God, is as man,
Flesh, substance, else His symbol lies;
And He knoweth not the trick!
Thus is He less than man-less flesh,
Less crass, less ungrateful to His spirit;
And His rod, His scepter of Kingship, is Love.
Since man is begot through the stirring
Of His spirit, which is Love, He, the God
May not speak save in the voice of His spirit,
That man know his Sire's voice!
Lo, behold His power! The earth hath no thing,
Which is not turned upon the pivot of Love.
Even its hate is rooted in Love;
And though the flower is flaming, it shall wither,
For its root will not sustain it.
Earth feedeth the seed wrongly, hence the blossom.
Earth hath no power, I say,
But that it be pivoted upon Love.
The universe hangeth within the sky
Upon a web of Love. The silence
Of Eternity is smitten not,
Save by the whirring of that music-
Which is the chord of "Love."

Last updated January 14, 2019