The Celestial City

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Oh, when I reach the Celestial City
With grandeur o'erspread, how shrinking
I shall be! I would it were more like
The things that I have known.
I know that He who with His wisdom hath
Created me, shall not mistake my desire,
And that I shall follow through a valley,
Where a companionable roadway
Winds up to a tangled thicket, blossomed o'er
With that pale bloom I have known so well;
And that the gateway shall swing, just as of yore
One swung, invitingly before me;
That I shall hear the laughter of children,
And the familiar sounds of voices that I love.
Each man his heaven possesseth,
Binded together in a circle of affection.
Of such stuff is His mansion builded.

Last updated January 14, 2019