The Voice Of God

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Wondrous God whom I would know;
How long have I wondered what music
Might be fitting to denote Thy voice.
Would it sound like an anthem of joy,
Such as Spring casts like webs of music
Across her young morning?
Would it be sorrowful as the south-wind,
Bemoaning the coming storm?
Or would it shriek in anguish as the north-wind
Bears unto the chilling earth?
Oh, often have I wondered how Thou might's speak.
Oh, I have let my soul sing prayers-
Mute my lips, but the waters of my spirit
Lashing high, spraying in silver spray
Against the shoreways of Eternity-
That I might hear Thy voice.
Oh, the hunger within me hath eaten my heart,
And miracle-oh divine miracle!
The thing hath been! I have heard
A babe lisp: "Mother"; Thy voice, O Lord!

Last updated January 14, 2019