How are epics created, from where the material comes
How much is one prepared and big plot is created?

How is a book written what chapters to be imbued,
and one thinks beyond his time & ideas are generated?
How does he decide purpose and dares in forward direction,
collects necessary ingredients & finds source of great enthusiasm?

How do people see simple events & convert into great stories,
and elevate writing standards & readability joined?
How does one rise above limits & climbs on giants' shoulders,
and able to perceive methods so as to create marvels?

How does one maintain equanimity & smooth flow is possible,
and amazements are added with vividity in creations?
How does new things he makes possible which others also enjoy,
and dives into great depths to search pearls so far hidden?

How does he enter into fields & befriends in little time,
Correct understanding of facts is the key to beatitude.
How does he move point by point & pen-paper help,
and is dedicated for noble cause cherishing in heart?

How does he challenge wrong prejudices spread around,
and speaks his mind that can convince even adversaries?
People have selfish motives but listen to the connoisseurs,
and respect specialized knowledge able to shape this world.

How do pages fill every day & opened to all to gauge,
and one is bold enough to nake his limitations to the fore?
How does he strengthen self by relegating vices that hold,
and all false notions which only sucks sweet energy ?

How is big topic chosen and one prepares to work,
and sitting place & time where he broods to pen?
How does he create ambiance that promote soothing interests,
and sits calmly with work dear & decided?

How do great people collect tremendous material,
and use in creations & topics which nobody thinks?
New marvels are created and stalwarts busy in them
Others just roll cast in the life's swings without any control.

How does one create strategy to make life purposeful,
and becomes like Newton, Einstein or Thomas Edison?
Or like Ravinder Tagore or ancient Vyasa or like modern Nehru,
An action filled life like Nelson Mandela or in India Ambedkar?

How much can one elevate to look above horizon,
and dares to move in space so far untraveled?
How does he illuminate his zones & reduces consistently dark space,
and is able to create marvels whatever he attempts to?

Life respects triers who only are the real creators
They inspire world to also move into right directions.
They don't fall in fears & prepare for the best,
and learn from all processes i.e. good-bad experiences.

Pawan Kumar

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I am a Civil Engineer and Management by education & profession. I write in Hindi and English both prose and poetic.

Last updated March 21, 2015