Life Passing

Life is moving fast with little time for reflection
Whole day remain busy in office & other chores.

We need to capture moments for own soul’s sake
Meticulously develop it also along with body and age.
Body growth or ageing are mere phenomenon physical
But soul’s growth leads to real sense progress.

We just don’t remain fluffs in wind of life
But gain some mass to settle & think substantial.
Not to just pass time in idling & worldly tasks
But see closely we do & whether really required.

Everything is in cycle but requirement is realization
We are infant, child, juvenile, youth, middle & old age.
But phases culminate in passing away of this body,
By reincarnation theory, things convert into other stuffs.

Other also not much alien, only change is form & properties
May be that animate or inanimate, will depend on situation.
We are of same basic material, this is the ultimate truth
Each deeply connects with others, relation is perennial.

What & how to comprehend, where it leads to
Seeing like Tolstoy’s stalwart, find self a tiny morsel.
They gave so much to world in life of ordinary age,
And did best to humanity & generations all to come.

They wrote at lengths with enlightenment of souls,
Dived deep to understand secrets & disseminate.
We can understand full mental geography of a person
What he speaks, is generally mirror of personality.

But why do the great ones express for others
As innermost urge first is to be in touch with self.
First they talk with self in journey of knowledge
Writing is one way to deeply connect with self.

Writing time is nothing but trying to trace self
Characters, words only speak language of inner soul.
May be dexts are able to create new by genius
But crux & essence is mirror of their true self.

There were numerous in past & still exist in present
But we can’t gauge with closed eyes & un-receptive minds.
We are embroiled much in daily negative & gossip stories,
And media sensationalism with purpose is to increase TRP.

A precious part is taken by unnecessary clutter around,
And we forget true selves & just sway away.
What we need is to sit silently & heed own actions,
Check whether fulfills very purpose of coming to world.

Life is not fireball-cinder or prone to hypes
But soothing, prudent & exhilarating realism of self.
One must come out of greedy & ignorant ways around,
Accompany true trying to know self & contribute positively.

How deep to go in mind’s images & heart’s longings?
Find some pearls precious which can turn our lives.
Deep desire may fulfill & elevation is apparent,
Be able to speak good words, pen on diary pages.

My puzzles are there but enlightened suggest ways
After coming to realism, they come to the point.
They didn't weep over ignorance & false ways
After learning actual condition, start to work with.

In Resurrection, Tolstoy tries to come out of self,
And through kingdom within perhaps, leads the self.
If you win self, no victory remains to attain
Everything becomes easy, as if got great treasure.

Where do I exist and not know much
So much passes in daily chores of existence.
Precious life is not converted into worthy one
And price I got is very less than it could be.

It is true that raw stone does not fetch much
Needs to chisel, carve, polish & sell at good stall.
It needs display also, connoisseurs can judge value
Also good craftsman to suggest more uses with it.

We are never complete, require work & rework,
Excellence is far away & dreams yet to attain.
Requires good efforts & patience to produce well,
But becomes easy when becomes a way of life.

Me trying to upturn ever turn and side turns,
To see true self & gauge like objective observer.
Where & how deliverance is possible & ways to eye,
Leaving lethargy to do some good worth memorabilia.

I want enrichment of experience & straightness of mind,
Steadfastness of efforts & focused approach of attained.
Increasing compass around with data available plenty,
And be able to chase good for benefit of self & others.

How can I pave this life in ways of great ones?
Who left their traces around & never boasted of.
Tried to live truly with honesty & zeal,
And did to justice to tasks given to them.

Company is important but recognizes true ones
Everybody is fantasized with self & has no time.
Few are only showy & have no interest in your affairs
Solace only is when one finds good people around.

Before that try to be good for self & others’ benefit
Then you will be able to find others for your use.
It is give & takes only; many are really good
Sincerity & longing for generous will open true path.

Take interest in others also who can be of your use
They also long your attention & bigheartedness.
Seeing status, obviously others keep hoping eyes
Recognize needy and do all in your reaches.

Follow ways of excellent ones & pave paths for some
Encourage to stand erect & look around to judge.
Open minds for possibilities if really are chased
And is in everybody’s reach to attain desired goals.

Responsibilities are huge for society & circle around
I should & cannot remain droll just seeing what concerns.
Need be a little harbinger for positive changes in lives
Reach to people, lead education path & enlighten.

I need to speak mind in writings & blogs
Contribute to society’s knowledge & for worthy cause.
I am also apt to speak language of enlightened
And able to converse with ones imparting to society.

O Almighty, make, strengthen, guide, chide me or so
Do anything you want but correct, excel & open.
Make me friend of self & of humanity,
A heart not bulging on others’ ignorance or weakness.

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I am a Civil Engineer and Management by education & profession. I write in Hindi and English both prose and poetic.

Last updated May 13, 2015