One More Awakening

One More Awakening

With my closed eyes, I want to see the world
With my lame legs, I want to cross the world.
With my closed ears, I want to hear the world
With my closed temptations, I want to sense the world.

I am the one who has opened his eyes already
That sight is enough if I have power to grasp.
With my ears I have heard enough already
That listening is enough if I have power to grasp.

My legs have enough traversed the countries
My mind has enough traversed vast tracts of experience.
My temptations have already occupied me
Only thing remained unwavered is my will to conquer.

Life can be lived efficiently when we have desire to do so
It can be harnessed in the best way if we want to do so.
Will or desire is the supreme which shall take us to glory
With this we will just roam in the realm of darkness.

For seeing life you need not to traverse too far
It is always here, around you.
Only thing required to open your eyes and realize it
Then you will find yourself more than quenched.

We need to dream greater than our life sizes
Otherwise we will remain far less than required.
Life is to live it fully
Otherwise tomorrow it may be repented that we lived even not.

What is it which makes us realize ‘completeness’
What is it which makes us sense ‘liberated’?
How can we feel the sense of ‘flow’
When we shall become one for which we are ‘incarnated’?

Darkness is enough; it requires a glow of light
A small ray of light makes flee the darkness.
A small ‘hope’ does away all thoughts of pessimism
A small ‘desire’ makes us a good Purusharthi.

These small-small things when added together
Become a great lump of enormous power.
Have you not heard ‘Unity is Strength’
The lesson the dying farmer given to his foolish sons?

The rishis of Upanishadas were seated in jungles
But from there only, were able to see the world fully.
Perhaps it is the silence of mind and serenity of environ
And above all again, the strong intension to do something.

Resources are necessary but the will is supreme
Perspiration is greater than will and inspiration is still greater.
Examination is next ahead and deduction is the final
If all these are combined in a man, success is not far away.

But what stops me to do even when I require to do
Perhaps it is my inertia or my laziness.
Or my non-realization or non-respect of the goal
Then how can I become in the class of greater ones?

The path to greatness is not possible for the fools
It is more than simple even for the wise ones.
They know it is in their waking only, they can relish the goal
Stopping shall mean the death of their pursuits.

Resting a while is only to invigorate will power & physical strength
But sleeping more than minimum, will take nowhere.
Waking can only take you to the conscious state
Sleeping only adds confusion & laziness to mind and body.

Make up your mind for the loftier things
Then you will complete tasks in the hand first.
Though there are correct steps for achieving any goal
But constancy in movements brings the desired results.

So be strong, do not waver – Stop not till the goal is accomplished.
-the word from Swami Vivekananda

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I am a Civil Engineer and Management by education & profession. I write in Hindi and English both prose and poetic.

Last updated November 08, 2014