A Trip to the Space Station

by Robert Lloyd Jaffe

From the stillness
on the pad,
to the screaming
and whirlwind rush
to orbit,
those very few minutes
I remember so clearly.
Floating where my eyes
see spectacular silence,
while I hear
my breathing
through the sounds
of the pumps and scrubbers;
to this day, a sound or smell
gets me right back there.
And how small
the problems of Earth
passing safely over giant storms
in moments;
yes, I do remember.
But the feeling that walks with me
every day since,
is not the power,
the beauty,
or technology’s elegant grace;
it was that warm
and pulsing rush,
to find behind the hatch
a human face.

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I am an observer and listener of the music of life. Where I find cadence, I find my interest and passion directed. It can be sound, light, smell, or purely an experience of thought. The sky, the sea, the mountains, and the machines that allow me to explore those places draw my attention, and give me serenity.

Last updated May 06, 2016