Believe in Yourself!

by Barbara J Laing

Barbara J Laing

Each day that we live in Life
Is a gift for us to hold -
An exciting adventure
Just waiting to unfold.

We may dream our every cherished dream
And reach for each distant star,
Towards the endless possibilities
And challenges there are.

Believe always in yourself -
Become all you’re meant to be
Always nurture this belief,
And success you’re sure see!

And, should you ever be discouraged,
Know this happens to us all -
Times when every single person
May falter and then fall.

And yet each failure is a lesson
That, once learned, we may go on
And find new faith and energy
To build our lives upon.

So, look for the good in everyone,
To yourself be always true,
And you’ll find even the darkest clouds
Hide skies of purest blue.

So, in this way you’ll feel such peace
Throughout each and every day,
And a sense of tranquility
That you never could repay!

Last updated July 15, 2015