by Pamela Griffiths



Pamela Griffiths

Bonnie our cat is years six old
Chases mice, won't do as she's told
She is playful she also likes to rest
Comfort and warmth she likes best
If it's nice outside she’ll go out to play
How many mice she can catch in a day?
She’s been known to catch quite a few
There isn't anything that we can do
Bonnie dashes in if there’s wind or rain
Until it stops she won't go out again
She’s so cute, so furry and sweet
A nicer looking cat would be hard to meet
She can see in the dark with eyes like an owl
Stalks her prey when she's out on the prowl
Bonnie is lovely she's full of fun
But she's a predator when all is said and done
She sprawls on the couch legs in the air
She rolls over to stretch everywhere
Finds a spot to lay, this she’ll keep
She gets comfy then she falls asleep

Sheffield England

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I have lived in Sheffield all my life, I am widowed with two sons, a daughter and a stepson. They are married, some with children of their own. I also have nine grandchildren. I am gay and live with my partner Sandy., I won the local poem competition for 2011 with 'Home Sweet Home in Loxley Valley' and was included in the poets of the year book 2011. I will be appearing in the writers of the year book 2011., I was interviewed by the press and had a video recorded by the Sheffield Star newspaper to appear on their website. I read the winning poem and there is an interview afterwards. The presentation was held at the Sheffield Central Library, the photographer from the Sheffield Start and Sheffield Telegraph came to take pictures. The story appeared in both newspapers, the article in the Star took up a whole page., I have recently retired from my full time position for the NHS in Quality management. I will now be devoting more time to my writing. I studied with the Morris College of Journalism for my diploma in freelance journalism. I have a diploma in Quality management for ISO quality management systems. I have RSA qualifications and NVQ up to highest level 3 in Information Technology and have my ECDL European Computer Driving Licence., I was first published in an anthology in the late 1990's with 'Stormy Clouds' I picked up an entry form a local library and that's how it all started. Since then I went on to have many more of my poems published by United Press over the years. I have been included in a few poets of the year books and diaries along with CD's. I had my short story 'Whispering Shadow' published in a book of short stories called 'Living Proof' in 2011., I had my first own book of poems published in 2009 'Expression of Life' which is still a top ten book listed on the BookBuzz site. I have completed my second own poetry book 'Moments in Time' which is also listed as a top ten book on the BookBuzz site. I love writing so I am looking forward to devoting more time to it now that I have retired.

Last updated November 11, 2016