Crawling Out . . .

by Del Shawn Davidson

Can you stand with me in the shadows
Or will you whisper bitter somethings in my ear saying how right you were and
how wrong my choice was

Heartache is only intensified by cynical sarcasm

Can you stand with me in the shadows
Or shall you tell me again how much you love me and
how you should’ve never left our family

Selfish choices should not include indiscriminate sex with baby’s mommas

Can you stand with me in the shadows
Become the man I wanted 17 years ago who was supportive and
saw the inner layers of my onion without crying tears of pity

I will never tell you how much I need you now

Del Shawn Davidson

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Please consider "Lifetime, " Crawling Out..., " "I (In a singular, selfish, sense)", and "If America was a social construct for inclusion in Best Poems Encyclopedia. I am a recent graduate of Portland State University with a BS in Arts & Letters, minors in English & Writing.

Last updated June 12, 2016