by Andrea Laws

a crisis is a
dancing black sheet
covering new existence from
manifestation towards
higher consciousness

a crisis is a
hidden devil
needing to test the
realization between
morality and free will

a crisis is a
heavy chain
waiting to be
thrown into character and
becoming you

a crisis is a
funnel cloud
spiraling to show
strength through

a crisis is a
challenge worth
seeking, to share in
everything wanted and


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Andrea Laws currently resides in Lawrence, KS, writing technical documents for the Kansas University Endowment Association. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2008, with a BA in English and a BA in Film Studies. Her work has appeared in three compiled books of poetry including: Whispers VII: A Collection of Short Works, Stars in Our Hearts, and International Who's Who in Poetry: 2012 Edition. She continues to update her poetry blog at

Last updated February 18, 2016