Dear Addiction

Dear Addiction
I'm writing this to you
Telling you we're through
I can't take you anymore
Don't know what I liked you for
All you did was wear me out
Now I know what you're all about
You came to me with promise and joy
Now look at all the things you destroy
Families, lives, bank accounts you see
You ruined it all with one little tease
Look at the way you make me feel
Then you take it all and want me to steal
Why can't you just go and hide
Somewhere far away where I'll never
Everyone at home doesn't understand
How you rip me apart, then lend me a
I keep coming back thinking inside
Maybe this time I'll make you my bride
Then I sit and wonder why
Why do you really want me to die
Thousands and thousands come to you
Hoping and praying you'll help them
Then they fall for your lending hand
Only to realize you're nothing but a scam
You promised me heaven and sent me to
You ruined my life and then wished me
Watch me now as I go on my way
I'm washing myself of all of your pain
So you and your power can just leave me
I'm taking my life and setting it free.....

Charles Chuze Kayeyi

Charles S Mortson's picture

Charles Chuze Kayeyi, young, vibrant, high-school student and a lover of art, inspired to publish poems by Mortson, a Researcher and Mentor, to an extent of combining efforts and skill to build a name, Charles S Mortson, a Zambian and proud African with a worldwide vision.

Last updated July 21, 2015