Their Reposessions

There were cheesecake and petits fours,
{The cakes I ate on a
French ship when I was four}
The streets were all empty and cell
Phones were mute, and hand guns were kiln
Down to make strings for lutes;

A man in a homburg said “what’s
your game,” whether I was on earth
Waiting for his highness
To collect on past- due claims;
Like repo-men with earthbound wings
I’d be sent to garnish,

And seize the things sill in boxes
Like Han Solo dolls and Batman
Masks that wouldn’t fit well;
Faces that stopped grinning too soon
To tell if they scared anyone,
I’d shout it to be heard

And tap loved one’s shoulders and hope
They felt a chill-- tug at their hems
To make them aware
That the game they’re playing is fixed;
Like spayed dogs or dyslexic gods
Who can chant palindromes

So their losses turn into wins;
I’d be a second-class angel
Like Clarence once mimed for
George in It’s a Wonderful life;
Like Paul Revere’s horse rode by lights
In the North Church calling;

“The reaper’s coming! The reaper’s coming!”
“The grim reaper’s coming at last!”
I’d waddle through with wings
Tied to my back all tight and cranked
Hard like Jacks-in-the-box pop out
As maniacal clowns;

I’d tap harder and mouth the lips
Pursed to warn them to get out more;
To take dolls and masks from
Minty conditions sequestered
So long to be worn to be fit
Like the days they were born.

Scenes the Writer Shows goes on journeys with the author. MB Moshe (Michael P Amram) attempts to bring the exact experience to the reader. Mr. Amram relates his own experiences in this book of forty-one poems. All share a common bond of location. Either real or embellished by his own imagination, each of Amram's poems creates a sense of tangibility for the reader., Mr. Amram acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota–Duluth in 1989. Since then he has been writing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. His fiction often draws from personal experiences. Many of these have been published in small, online publications. In 2006 the Loft Press published his book Would God Move a Ping-Pong Table? A cumulative Analysis of Faith and Religion. In January of 2013, he published The Orthodoxy of Arrogance with Trafford.

Last updated November 12, 2013