Till Death's Embrace

What words profound can ever describe love’s final fatal demise;
that can make love blinded eyes see the light of love’s disguise?
Whose true guise, mimicking truth, belies false intentions to beguile;
Never aiming to endure, to coalesce but for a while?
On treacherous throne sits wounded king, by words uttered most vile.
Piercing words, like daggers sharp, plunging deep in tender hearts.
Evanescent truths debauched; false heart’s intent to lie.
Masking something pure and sweet, sullied, impure to die.
Oh king, thy fate once sealed, must fall on leaden sword.
An act most foul when love, turned cold, has strummed its final chord
“Goodbye“; apologizing for the pain inflicted by its essence;
“in search of truer love I go. I leave you to your presence.”
Truer love than mine, though she may seek, I know she'll never find.
I gave her all she ever wanted: her kids; a home; my love divine;
and most of all most valued gem: my sacred guarded trust.
Not enough, more than she deserved, she’s left my heart to bust.
So fare thee well, oh love divine; our bridges yet to burn.
Awaiting Death’s sedating kiss, my will for her return;
And though its mocking cackle shrills; "You fool! she never will";
Eternally, ‘til Death‘s embrace, I dream she loves me still.

My personal collection of original verse.

Rene' Carrero's picture

I'm 66; White; Hispanic ; and heart broken. I live alone in Orlando, FL. I lost it all: love; house; desire to continue. No prospect of ever loving again. Best wishes at Christmas time to all. Adios., “While here alone I die”, By, Rene’ Carrero, Our meeting wasn’t planned by man, nor Angel’s naughty jokes., Neither one was looking, then, for life’s most visceral hoax., We found ourselves at work one day quite innocently enough., Our eyes did meet; our hearts did beat with Spring’s eternal hope., We both had failed at love before, and knew of long lost loves., We didn't mean for love to hurt as love quite often does., We took great care to nurse our love, and not to let it show., But love is blind and so were we, and so our story goes., Her lovely name was Carol, denoting Christmas day;, And I born on Epiphany, just wondered what she’d say., “Happy 51st to you” as I approached her gaze., A tender kiss in warm embrace gave way to "come what may"., She once did call me “Sweetie” so very long ago., And said I drove her crazy; how much I did not know., My heart so filled with gladness; my heart so filled with joy., That I could wander endlessly in wonder of it’s glow., A wedding day was in her mind; deep in her heart did grow., Her loving spirit telling me; “Truer love you’ll never know”., But foolish me would not concur to marry “out of kind”., This most egregious blunder had dealt a mortal blow., We traveled far and wide to work; cross county we did go., From New York and New Jersey; to Tampa to and fro., To Tennessee and Utah; our final port of call., A home for four we gladly made, though many more would show., I made her many dreams come true; not so for others done., For no one else had won my heart; their race was halfway run., But time and blunder took it’s toll like daggers through the heart., She in our house with new love dreams, while I alone with none., Somewhere, somehow along the way she lost her love for me., While mine grew ever stronger as sad as that may be., Never thinking someone else, at work, would steal her heart., A wedding day is in their plan; too late would I of she., And now alone in Florida I dream of days gone by., Of how we danced; of how we loved; of how we lived our lie., Still I often think of her; too often in my dreams., While far away she dreams of him, while here alone I die.

Last updated June 21, 2016