I feel sad and half empty,
I search and hope that you and
I will soon meet,
may be I will and
if I don't even still I'll go on,
towards the end,
I fear not, for that I know that end is not
my destiny,
no man should believe destiny as death,
The creation of legend and epics, tis a destiny,
man should believe in,
No matter what you are ,
You must go on the road of life,
If not for fame, then walk on, for there is a great future ahead,
A future filled with wonder and unbelievable happenings.

Jitu Das poems

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Who am I? I am Jitu Das, I am an Assamese man, Indian or a world citizen! But when I watched the sky, so big. I feel like I am a small, tiny part of this whole big business, thats when I loose my identity, I am not just an assamese, indian or world citizen, I am a citizen of the universe. I am also a conscience of the universe. I love you everyone.

Last updated August 24, 2015