by Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

Rainy days; autumn afternoons
The air is cold, no flowers in bloom
See my hands, how they shake with pain
Sorrows falls on my heart like rain
Without direction

Pain is the legacy you have left me

I think of you back then
Eyes of green, ablaze from within
So quickly our romance grew
Suddenly I had fallen for you
Long summer days, enchanted
Moments I would take for granted
I was blind, thought that all was well
From your grace my doomed love fell
Without direction

Now I'm lost and wandering,
Stricken heart, clothed in despair.
Will I soon be moving on?

Soft, glowing fire; an empty chair
I stare at the clock, time goes nowhere
A stifled soul of sleet today
I can't continue on this way
Happy couples stride merrily by
I wonder what became of you and I
I'll leave these things so sour
I'm in my finest hour
A new direction

No longer lost and wandering
I'll find a star to guide me
I'm moving on.

Last updated August 10, 2015