Life After Me

As I ponder the unknown
I ask why death must
take everything
including life.
How dare it think this world
can exist without me?

the stone bordering a busy path
sailboats floating out at sea
the loud cheer at the game
the smile of a new born baby

my zest, woes, spirit, tears,

And having said this-
the world will go on,
when I'm gone.

Barb Franzen

Barbara Franzen's picture

I am Barbara Franzen from Nebraska. I write poetry around the clock. My poetry was recently selected for KZUM radio in Nebraska and I published with Mad Swirl and have just done four poems with Aria Ligi. My husband and I spend a good deal of time at our cabin where I do much of my writing. I am the author of The Rag Princess with came out last year, 2014. I blog and write for a women's online magazine, Loving Yourself at Over 40+ Formerly, I was a child therapist.

Last updated March 31, 2016