by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

I am an announcement of the great Urge.
I am an enactor of its agonies and joys.
I am an inheritant of His potency.
Within my palm is the power of creation,
Yet a certain pith hath He withheld.
Methinks that this awesome Urge kneels
At the feet of the goddess, and in this symbol is
The servitude of even God, to love!
The pith of Him kept separate, that it may
Retain its separateness unto mankind.
Lo, is Love the stuff which piths Eternity.
It is the pivot upon which the earth's day turns.
It is the pedestal upon which the temple rests.
It is the cloth which binds the loins of a beggar.
It is the depth of the eye of a babe;
In its chastened purity it is reflected there.
I say Love is best symbolled, sirrah,
As a goddess, for Love is serving, is conceiving,
Is inheritant of agony, and
A begetter even of Eternity!

Last updated January 14, 2019