Swift As Light-Flash O' Storm

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Swift as light-flash o' storm, swift, swift,
Would I send the wish o' thine asearch.
Swift, swift as bruise o' swallow's wing 'pon air,
I'd send asearch thy wish, areach to lands unseen;
I'd send aback o' answer laden.
Swift, swift, would I to flee unto the "Naught,"
Thou knowest as the "Here."
Swift, swift I'd bear aback to thee
What thou wouldst seek. Swift, swift,
Would I to bear aback to thee.
Dost deem the path ahid doth lead to naught?
Dost deem thy footfall leadest thee to nothingness?
Dost pin not 'pon His word o' promising,
And art at sorry and afear to follow Him?
I'd put athin thy cup a sweet, a pledge o' love's-buy.
I'd send aback a glad-song o' this land.
Sing thou, sing on, though thou art ne'er aheard-
Like love awaked, the joy o' breath
Anew born. o' His loving.
Set thee at rest, and trod the path unfearing;
For He, who putteth joy to earth, aplanted joy
Athin the reach o' thee 'en through
The dark o' path at end o' journey.
His smile! His word! His loving!
Put forth thy hand at glad, and I do promise thee,
That joy o' earth asupped shall fall as naught,
And thou shalt sup thee deep o' joys, o' Bearer,
Aye, and Source; and like glad light o' day,
And sweet o' love-thy coming here shall be!

Last updated January 14, 2019