Mary Mother

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Mary, mother, thou art the Spring that flowereth,
Though nay man aplanteth thee.
Mary, mother, the song of thee,
That lulled His dreams to come,
Sing them athrough the earth, and bring
The hope of rest unto the day.
Mary, mother, from out the side of Him,
That thou didst bear, aflowed the crimson tide,
That doth to stain e'en unto this day-
The tide of blood that ebbed the man
From out the flesh, and left the God to be.
Mary, mother, wilt thou then leave me catch
These drops, that I do offer them. as drink
Unto the brothers of the flesh of me of earth?
Mary, mother of the earth's Loved!
Mary, bearer of the God!
Mary, that I might call thee of a name
Befitting thee! I seek, I seek, I seek,
And none doth offer it to me save this:
Mother! Mother! Mother of Him-
The flesh that died for me.

Last updated January 14, 2019