My Faith

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

My faith is the lighting of my black night,
The beacon of its pit-like sea.
My faith is a staff within my hand.
My faith is the sling-my faith is the stone.
My faith is the heart which speeds the sling.
My faith is a lute which drips
Its music through my dinning day.
My faith is rekindled with each morrow,
Yea, and burneth a white taper
Before the gateway of Eternity.
Without it I may not enter-
Since it is the key.
Oh, my faith is hung about the necks
Of men, and followeth them as a shadow.
I am sure of their covenant with me
And its keeping. I am sure of
My covenant with them and its keeping.
No manner of tongue may deny me this!
For my tongue is quickened with the fire
Of Him, and it is upon the blade
Within my hand. My faith is undying.
Even while men deny me-
I rebear Faith-to wail anew!

Last updated January 14, 2019