They say, "follow your dreams"
Well mine led me to you. Though my dreams took some time, as dreams often do.
Still- I was almost too late!

Now I'm here at your tower; Amazed at this place. High walls and stone set round all to guard against invading armies with hits out on your heart.

Down here it's just me though. I came all alone. No banner, no armor. Not even a chisel for stone.
I carry no sword now, I've thrown down my shield. Yet you still expect to see my battalions in field.

Amused and intrigued I will patiently wait, because soon it will hit you-
That tower was never your fate.

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A lover of life and a dreamer extraordinaire. I paint with words and I'm a metaphor junkie. Also a curator of odd, useless facts.

Last updated January 19, 2016