Uniquitous Voices

the west
and the north
shut off
from the centre
the fire in the filthy mouth
the patriot

the man
and the woman
meander in the mud
and the name
of the unnamed
surrounds the fracas

a song and its chorus
ruthless echoes in the past
and the untruth and the iniquitous men
rebuke the sound from above

the leaves are shaking
quaking calling on erect trees
to toil to stand still
await the time to take time
to track death.


Gankhanani Moffat Moyo's picture

Apart from being a poet, Gankhanani Moyo is a writer, actor, dancer, literary critic, and singer - generally an all-round artist. He has performed in Zambia, within the Southern African region and in Europe. He is the author of Songs from My Soul (2008) and Orgasm (2011). Flames in Black Meditation is set for release next year., Gankhanani teaches literature at the University of Zambia.

Last updated July 14, 2015