When Strangers Meet

by stanley wilkin

Stanley Wilkin


In the deep, uncertain night the strangers met,
Unseeing, unknowing, unthinking-dulled brain and senses,
Through the porous shadows and tangled foliage they crept
Stumbling over fallen trees and broken-down fences
Their hatred binding them, like interdependent trees, root to root,
In the cold light of the blistered, embedded moon;
Rotten barks covered in fungi, dried twigs cracking underfoot;
Reaching the village outskirts collectively they emitted an exultant moan
And stumbled on. Slow breezes drifted over their flesh, sun-driven
Investigative fingers inspecting their souls, medicating pain.
The floating wheat touched them as they passed, restoring fission,
Their fears gliding away in the quietly-falling rain.
Striving through the bluster of life, together or apart,
We return to where in life we first made a perfect start.

stanley w3ilkin

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Stanley Wilkin is an academic who does extensive research work and lectures in London colleges. He has published poetry in a number of magazines. Recently, he has published several papers under the heading of 'An Unusual Power', the rise and influence of the medical profession. He is a trained psychotherapist and actor.

Last updated September 29, 2015