Without Reason

by Carol Lynn Grellas

Without Reason

Because in the midst of a storm
a tree can be halved by lightning
and spare one survivor between Heaven
and home, and because water

can flow from the tub, seep though
a floor of another man’s ceiling
who’s thankful for rain when his
dwelling is parched-- and because

one's speech is occasionally slurred from
the onset of illness rather than gin,
proven by doctors in search of a cure--
and because a woman will die

in childbirth before the infant is placed
on her belly, for the joy of life
and being a mother. Because of this
in the name of gratitude

I’ll write you a poem, imagine you
reading my hodgepodge of lines
with a need for hope and hands
raised high, for the craving of fingers

to wrap around fingers, connecting
souls to a man-made steeple. Because
of this, I’ll write you a poem and a poem
and a poem, until we know all that we

don’t; until we embrace all that we
aren't, until we're in awe of ourselves
and the universe, forever united
within these words.


Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas's picture

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas is a seven-time Pushcart nominee as well as a four-time Best of the Net nominee. She is the 2012 winner of the Red Ochre Press Chapbook contest with her manuscript Before I Go to Sleep. She has authored several chapbooks along with her latest full-length collection of poems: Hasty Notes in No Particular Order, released from Aldrich Press in 2013. Her work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print magazines including: The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Poets and Artists, War, Literature and the Arts and many more. According to family lore she is a direct descendant of Robert Louis Stevenson. www.clgrellaspoetry.com

Last updated January 23, 2016